Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 31 No 8 New Zealand - Page 85

Shannon Bennett of internationally acclaimed Vue de monde restaurant goes to great pains to source real food from farmers he trusts. So the last thing he wants is to see the cooking process destroy a food’s natural flavour, texture and goodness. Which is why you’ll find a Miele Steam Oven in all his kitchens. But just as Shannon is no ordinary chef, a Miele Steam Oven is no ordinary steamer. Whipping up three amazingly innovative dishes simultaneously (think Steamed Asian Chicken and fabulous desserts) with no transfer of flavours, is just one of its party tricks. Available in a range of models, including built-in and benchtop. You can find out more or book into a steam cooking demonstration at Featuring the latest Miele Steam Combination Oven (DGC 6800 XL).