Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 31 No 8 New Zealand - Page 63

An angled full-height glass bay was added to the living area to maximise views to the north and back to the city in the west. And the existing brick cladding was replaced with sleek, low-maintenance Palliside weatherboards with a traditional profile in the colour Riverstone. The Palliside boards have shadow lines that provide textural definition, enhancing their visual appeal and the contemporary architecture. John says the owners did not want the costs involved with ongoing maintenance, notably painting. “The house is very high in parts, so any painting would involve the expense of hiring scaffolding. Palliside weatherboards are pre-finished so they never need painting.” The light weight of Palliside Before Above: The renovations have greatly enlarged the floor area of the house, which is approximately 50% greater than before. There are now three levels to the former two-storey home. Left: Before the renovation, the house was derelict, and had a brickclad upper storey. search | save | share at