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Bright future Before and after pictures tell the story of this extreme makeover of a home in St Heliers, which was rebuilt by Scarbro Residential Above: It looks like a new build, but this house is a renovation. The home was largely rebuilt from the ground up by Scarbro Residential, with just a few walls and floors re-used. Morrison Architecture introduced a new angled bay window at the front of the house, which enhances the contemporary look and maximises views to the sea and city. Demolishing or removing an older house to make way for a new build isn’t always the best solution. A major renovation can be a better way to maximise both the space and views, especially when existing-use rights ensure the height of a house can be retained. The original house on this site in St Heliers was so long past its use-by-date, that it search | save | share at had been abandoned for a few years while the owners decided on the best way to approach the project. The solution was an extreme makeover designed by Morrison Architecture and built by Scarbro Residential, a company that specialises in the construction of medium to high-end houses, alterations, and multi-unit developments. Scar bro quantity surveyor Carlton John says the existing house was essentially gutted, inside and out, with just a few floors and walls retained. The house was enlarged, with three storeys accommodated within the former two-storey volume – it is now more than 500m2, with an additional 115m2 of new decks. This makes it approximately 50% larger in terms of floor area.