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Great escape Hobsonville Point is a masterplanned community where peace and quiet are not compromised Masterplanned communities have many advantages over older suburbs, precisely because they are purpose built. And Hobsonville Point is a perfect example. Attractive landscaping, underground services, parks, schools, bars, restaurants, a community hall and even a farmer’s market – and this is just the start. Add a range of housing types, including standalone homes, terrace homes, apartments and work-live accommodation and you have the recipe for a lively community. Hobsonville Point is also close to motorways – another plus. But the close proximity of motorways and neighbours has led developers to seek appropriate solutions for sound insulation. Universal Homes has long recognised that peace and quiet are essential. For this project, the company contracted Earcon Acoustics to advise on the best approach. Earcon recommended precast and double-framed walls to meet, and in many cases exceed, the code requirements in terms of airborne noise. Additional double glazing has been installed to mitigate noise from the motorways. The result? Dwellings that are not only built from high-quality materials with an especially high standard of workmanship, but also pass the requirements for sound insulation with flying colours. To contact Earcon Acoustics, phone (09) 443 6410. Website: save & share 47267 at This page: Hobsonville Point is an idyllic setting for homeowners desiring peace and quiet. Earcon Acoustics has helped to ensure Universal Homes’ properties are well insulated for sound. search | save | share at