Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 31 No 8 New Zealand - Page 56

Into the blue A sparkle finish in the colour Fiji Sands ensures this new pool is as inviting as the name suggests A light breeze is enough to make the water in a pool ripple and reflect the light, but that’s not the only eye-catching aspect of this new swimming pool. The fibreglass pool, designed and built by Mayfair Pools, features a Fiji Sands blue interior with a new sparkle finish. Stephen George of Transitions Construction – a Mayfair Pools specialist – says this finish changes the look of the pool. “The sparkle creates a lively sense of movement in the water, and it’s particularly good on overcast days.” The pool also features Bisazza glass mosaic tiles around the waterline that enhance the reflective quality. These are teamed with a rebated basalt pool coping that gives the pool a solid feel. “To maximise the interior volume of the pool the steps are positioned off to the side of the site. And because space was at a premium, we concealed the pool cover beneath the deck.” A heat pump extends the swimming season. The project also included glass pool fencing that allows an unobstructed search | save | share at view of the leafy green surroundings. Mayfair Pools is a specialist in custom fibreglass pools, with agents nationwide. For details, contact Mayfair Pools, phone 0800 MAYFAIR (629 324). Or visit the website: save & share 47266 at Above: This new pool by Mayfair Pools features blue-toned Bisazza glass mosaic tiles around the waterline, and rebated basalt tiles on the surround.