Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 31 No 8 New Zealand - Page 26

Top: The ceiling in the new hallway rises from the entry towards the rear, anticipating the raised height of the new addition. Above and above right: A bank of cabinets lines one wall in the master suite. To retain the proportions of the room, the cabinets stop short of the ceiling. The original double-sided brick fireplace was exposed and is now a feature. Facing page, top and lower: Futura plywood with the end grain exposed features on the cantilevered vanity. The shower is positioned beneath a void that is open to a skylight. brings in plenty of light. The ceiling is such a strong design element we initially wondered whether we should interrupt it to create the skylight. But to remove the rafters would have involved a lot of extra engineering, so we continued them right across the skylight. The result has been very pleasing – they add visual appeal and cast interesting shadows as the position of the sun changes during the day.” The family room incorporates a large kitchen, with white cabinetry. A large bank of cabinets at one side is recessed into the search | save | share at wall, so is technically within the old villa. This helps to make the living area more spacious. The owners also chose to forgo a dining table and dine at the island instead. “They even entertain this way and it has worked well for them,” says Holmes. “We kept the island benchtop free, placing the sink on the wall behind. This ensures the island can double as a table.” The front of the island features copper that has been weathered to a patina and installed in sheets with exposed nail heads. “The copper wraps around beneath