Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 31 No 8 New Zealand - Page 130

Above: Square-edged architraves, which were requested by the owner, help to link the addition back to the original house. The contemporary fixtures, including the Kohler basin mixers and Zucchetti bath mixer, are also square edged. Facing page: The toilet is hung from a wall cabinet, so it appears part of a single piece of furniture. tiles were specially imported. “The tiles reflect a colour gradation, being darker at the bottom and lighter at the top,” says Quinn. “They are in varying shades of brown, black and silver, which picks up the light and gives them a reflective quality. They also give the room a slightly masculine look that is appropriate.” The black high-gloss vanity, white basin and charcoal floor search | save | share at tiles further complement the monochromatic palette. The architect says she wanted the space to read as a fusion of elements, rather than a collection of entirely separate, unrelated items. “For example, the tiled walls of the bathroom just happen to create the wet area for the shower. And a long oak veneer wall cabinet just happens to support the toilet. So the entire unit reads as a single piece of furniture. Everything is tied together.” The storage cabinet runs along the wall above a freestanding Kohler bathtub that sits at right angles to the wall, in front of a glass door. “The door can be opened to provide good cross ventilation through the suite,” says Quinn. “There is also a pleasant view from the tub.”