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When it’s impossible to tell by looking whether a renovated house is a new build or a remodel, you know it’s a project that’s out of the ordinary. This house, built in the ’70s, is such a property. Architect Simon Rodrigues of Rodrigues Bodycoat Architects says the owners had been living in the home for 10 years and loved the huge size of the site and the high-end location. But they were not so enamoured of the interior, which was not well suited to modern living. “The house was very much a product of the ’70s,” Rodrigues says. “There was an internalised kitchen, with a limited connection between the kitchen and living areas, and between inside and out. The passage linking the entry with the living spaces was very narrow, so there was no sense of welcome.” However, the architect says the house had good bones and was well positioned on the gently sloping site, with a good orientation to the sun. “While we did discuss a completely Preceding pages: Perfect for entertaining on a grand scale, this 1970s house has been completely transformed with a major renovation that includes a new 16m x 4m north-facing terrace and a new swimming pool. Above left and top: At the front of the house a new cedar wall disguises the garaging and service entry. The main entrance is now highlighted with a new glazed canopy and front door. Above: Several walls were removed on the interior to create one large open-plan living space. This passage leads to service rooms. search | save | share at