Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 31 No 8 New Zealand - Page 123

What lies beyond The major renovation of this Art Deco house called for a layered design response for the new master suite Rebuilding an older home invariably means the interior space can be used in more efficient ways, as this project demonstrates. The Art Deco-style house was transformed by architect Domenic Ridolfi of Ridolfi Architecture, who replaced existing rooms at the rear of the house with a large, modern extension. “This freed up space in the older part of the house, so we were able to join two of the original rooms to create one large master suite,” says the architect. The suite is an open design – the bathroom appears as an extension of the bedroom. “It was always our intention to keep it as open as possible,” says Ridolfi. “But we also created a reasonable level of separation between the two areas, introducing privacy layers. For example, there is a glass screen separating the back-to-back vanities from the bedroom. And there is a freestanding wall dividing the tub area from the toilet and wet-area shower behind.” In keeping with the contemporary nature of the extension, the suite features square-edged fixtures made from concrete cast in situ. The vanities and bathtub are in a raw, wet cement colour, but are enlivened by hand-cut gold tiles Preceding pages and facing page: The natural tones of the Verde slate stone tiles in this new master suite are echoed by the raw, wet cement colour of the concrete bathtub and vanity units, which were poured in situ. The bathtub sits on a platform in front of a freestanding wall that screens the toilet and shower area. Above: Architect Domenic Ridolfi created privacy layers, including a glass screen alongside the back-toback vanity units. search | save | share at