Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 31 No 13 New Zealand - Page 96

Above and facing page, lower: The kitchen is designed to fit seamlessly into the large openplan living space. Owner Benson Riseman wanted the preparation of meals to be like a show but, once complete, all the clean-up and functional elements needed to be out of sight. The Frank Sinatra painting in the area behind the kitchen is by Chicago artist Francine Turk. Facing page top: Polished Iceberg quartzite is used for the island top and room divider. The same material is also backlit to form the splashback and the back of the display cabinet next to the kitchen. it will do because what it reflects changes from different angles and with the time of day. But it always looks good.” The effect is also something that appeals to the owner. “The reflective views of the outside give the kitchen breathing room,” he says. “It helps create a feeling of size, but without being too overwhelming.” Meanwhile, a second kitchen tucked to the side of the ‘show’ kitchen allows some of the preparation and clean-up to be done behind the scenes. search | save | share at more images 47899 at search more by this designer: giulio at search: stainless steel at