Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 31 No 13 New Zealand - Page 63

It’s always a balancing act for a renovation, creating an open, modern home that at the same time evokes the character of the original design. The brief for this project was to reinvent a one-level-plus residence on a sloping site into a spacious three-level home with nods to the past. Architect John Mills says the owners wanted a floor for their daughters and a master bedroom suite for themselves that connected to the sloping backyard rising steeply behind. “The original period interior was a typically claustrophobic arrangement of a corridor and small rooms. This was virtually gutted, with the basement dug out to incorporate a new lower bedroom level. Prior to the renovation, a spiral staircase had accessed a single top floor room which has now been expanded as a complete level, incorporating a study and master suite. “Heritage rules required that the existing street elevation was retained. However, new contemporary fretwork complements the classic painted weatherboard and at the same time hints at the modernity of the reworked interior,” says Mills. The front door opens into the central living floor that separates the two bedroom levels. Preceding pages: This renovation by architect John Mills retains the classic looks of the original exterior. The only visible exterior reference to a transformed interior are a new roof peak and a modern fretwork design. Above left: Flooded with sun, the lounge has a dark wall tone. The raised ceiling echoes the roofline. Top and above: A Pacifica floral motif is continued from the existing island to the new custom kitchen cabinetry. search | save | share at