Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 31 No 13 New Zealand - Page 39

The developers expressed the need for designing oneoff spaces to reflect the hotel’s exotic island setting, says Giana DiLeonardo, partner in interior design firm DiLeonardo. The grandeur of the ensuite is led by the exotic cove ceiling, lined in brushed gold metal panels. A modern chandelier adds to the bathroom’s air of glamour, as do the three different marbles used in the design. “Continuing the framing motif, golden marble frames the grand window views here. Similarly, a highly figured marble stone forms an accent wall that wraps around behind the oval bath, setting off this freestanding element,” he says. Across the bathroom, the double vanity countertops are formed in a rich crèma marble and recessed. Back-lit oversized mirrors hang directly above. These are suspended on a brushed gold metal panel that ties back to the ceiling cove. A custom, curved leather bench wraps around one corner of the tub, adding a relaxing landing space. “The spectacular views enjoyed from the presidential suite are also seen from here, with the glistening lake nearby and the mountains rising on the horizon,” DiLeonardo says. Above: The presidential suite in the Sunrise Kempinski Hotel in Beijing features exotic materials, spectacular views and plenty of room to move. With interior design by USAbased firm DiLeonardo, the master bedroom has modern artworks on the walls, while large-scale abstract floral-embossed carpet is inlaid into the French walnut floors. Other touches include a mirror-lined frieze around the recessed ceiling and air vents, a metallic-backed fabric paper and a silk-lined bookcase. search | save | share at