Trends New Zealand Trends Volume 31 No 13 New Zealand - Page 13

bathing space is walled in a white Caesarstone with a crocodile skin pattern. However, two water features – one at each end of the room – are backdropped by a black Caesarstone in the same pattern. Using the same surface in two tones evokes a contrasting yin and yang theme. “In front of the stone, myriad slender nylon chords run down from the strip LED lights near the ceiling to the stainless steel floor trough. Water droplets consistently run down the chords – creating vertical lines of flowing water.” Blue glass pebbles provide a bright, cheery designer floor surface at the base of the features and are continued along the outer side of the bathtub. Pedestals nestled into the glass pebbles are for the positioning of three mature trees. As well as the bathtub, water features and marble surfaces on the floor and vanity countertop, the bathroom has another custom luxury. “The shower stall is in slumped glass – a glass returned to a molten state then ‘slumped’ over a mould to create a pattern or image that is not as sharp as etched glass but much deeper.” As the room is near an adjacent property, the tub side of the space is finished in translucent glass, optimising both natural light and privacy. Previous pages: Soothing effect – thin chords with water droplets running down them create two water features in this upmarket bathroom by designer Kim Duffin. These pages: The black Caesarstone in a crocodile pattern that backs the water feature is repeated in white on the other walls – creating a yin yang playoff, the designer says. The floor and vanity benchtop are in the same Calacatta marble. search | save | share at