TREND Winter 2017/2018 - Page 49

cation oundation and its current projects The 917 Society is dedicated to the distribution of a copy of the United States Constitution to every American 8 th grader. All across this great nation, many 8 th graders never fully understand what the Constitution means to them and all of us, living in the greatest nation on earth. Becoming a partner of the 917 Society will ensure that our beloved U.S. Constitution will become a guidebook for our youth to carry with them throughout their lives. The 917 Society is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to the empowerment of 8 th graders with the knowledge of their individual freedoms and their very own lasting, durable copy of the U.S. Constitution. Visit their website at “Professional Educators of Tennessee recognizes the immense need to make certain the torch of freedom is passed from this generation to the next. We are excited to announce our partnersh vFFRr66WGF66Ɨ6F2&FW2F6( 7FFVBWV7WFfRF&V7F"2&v( ėB2'FBFW&62FBvP&W7V7BFRWVƗGbbW"6FV2VFW"FRR267FGWFBV&Ɩ2ff62F&W7V7BFRƖ֗G0FV"vW"( Ф$DU"e$TR4U0d"U"5ETDTE0r44UE$U4U$4U2tPFRWB&FrbFRU267FGWFv&VvV'vFVB6FFRb#F6FBFV6W'26W6RFVf"&W6FVG2FW76"vVWfW"B2&&FRFV"W762f FR&B6VW7FW"FW&RFWfVrWrf2RBFW"&W6W&6RB&R6VVrfVFVW'2f"FV6W Gf6'&&BFVvFFRFWfVVBbFW&W7FVBFF26&RFRƖRBwwrw66WG6BR6&V6RV&W"bFRr66WGf"C#RV&ǒFFB&RƗ7FVBFRvV'6FR&v旦Ff7W6VBVFrVRF6vb&FrFRfVW2B77VW2FBvV&RW "W&f&֖r662BFV6W'2B7&VFrVGV6FVf&VG2vW&RFW66WfRFV"gVFVF