TREND Winter 2017/2018 - Page 46

Restoring the Firs LEADER U On-Demand Professional Learning on YOUR Time, 24/7 • Track your credits • Print certificates • Search for classes from associations nationwide Sign in at, then look for On-Demand Professional Learning under Leader U or click here. Questions? Call: (615) 778-0803 The oral argument date in Janus has been set for Monday, February 26, 2018. The decision will likely be issued before the Court adjourns at the end of its term in June. It is expected to result in keeping the national teacher unions from supplementing other states with forced dues from compulsory union states. Many unions have reached the conclusion that if the U.S. Supreme Court rules against agency fees in the Janus case they will lose members. “Those who think the loss of agency fees means the end of public sector union power are sadly mistaken. But it is also a letdown for those who thought the unions’ post-Janus focus would be on making membership relevant to a new generation of teachers. Instead, the unions elected to simply change the locks on the cell doors” stated writer Mike Antonucci. Jacob Huebert, director of litigation at the Liberty Justice Center, issued the following statement: “We are pleased the Supreme Court has agreed to take up this case and revisit a 40-year-old precedent that has allowed governments to violate the First Amendment rights of millions of workers. People shouldn’t be forced to surrender their First Amendment right to decide for themselves what organizations they support just because they decide to work for the state, their local government or a public school.” Matthew Brouillette, president and