TREND Winter 2017/2018 - Page 35

Education Policy L icensure & S chool S afety TN Board of Education - Disclipine “10/20/Life” - Weapons in Schools The BOE has developed more detailed rules for the handling of disciplne issues related to licensure. Professional Educators of Tennessee supports the adoption of the proposed rules and applauds the Board of Education for bringing greater clarity and consistency to the process, without expanding the power or authority of the Board. The updated rules set clear guidelines for educators and provide more safety for students against predators. In a continued commitment to school safety, Professional Educators of Tennessee will begin to explore the creation of a bill concerning the reprehensible act of bringing a weapon on school property for the purposes of committing a crime. Read more about the proposed changes on page 44. Legislation of this nature will be complex and involve a variety of stakeholders in multiple areas. It is likely that the resulting bill will need to be heard and passed in multiple committees in addition to, or instead of, the education committees. Licensure Waivers (SB661/HB111) During last session, we worked with Rep. Joe Pitts on a bill to restore authority to the Comissioner of Education to waive licensure requirements in some instances. This session we plan to continue to help draft language that ensures the ability to grant waivers remains appropriate and not overly broad. Bringing weapon w/ criminal intent = 10 yrs Aiming weapon w/ criminal intent = 20 years Discharging weapon = Life imprisonment For these reasons, the goal this session is not to pass a comprehensive piece of legislation on this topic. We will be having dicussions with legislators and others on the development of the bill during this session, as well as continuing to solicit input from our members. Questions or Comments on Tennessee Education Legislation or Advocacy? Email Us at