TREND Winter 2017/2018 - Page 32

doubling-down on skilled-labor, teaching welding, industrial maintenance, circuitry, construction – everything our country needs as a result of the mass Baby Boomer generation retirement. We’ve championed the moniker #TheMount and for good reason. Our students are on a journey of self-discovery, a journey that will take them up the mountain of personal excellence. In order to climb this mountain, they’ll need to synthesize their learning, apply its knowledge and reflect on their progress. That’s what STEAM, both conceptually and practically, is all about. We’re committed to thwarting old paradigms, opting instead to create new ones. We see ourselves as creators – not merely prescription fillers – who inspire students to think and do like creators not consumers. We’re bonded by an oath to prepare our students for an ever-changing global economy by eradicating learning silos, marginalizing standardized tests and, above all, dispelling fear. Are we perfect? Of course not, but we’re also not afraid to be imperfect. Do we fail? Sometimes. But when we do, we always make sure we fail forward, learning and growing from our calculated risks. People ask me all the time, What is STEAM? Here’s my thought: STEAM is loving Art and Science, creating an advanced educational state of mind. Swing by The Mount sometime, we’ll show you what we mean… Ryan Jackson, Ed.D. is the executive Lead Principal of The Mount Pleasant Arts Innovation Zone in Maury County, Tennessee, the nation’s first PK-12 STEAM campus. Read his blog: The Underdog’s Advocate and follow him on Twitter @ RyanBJackson. JUNE 2018