TREND Winter 2017/2018 - Page 27

2018 Gubernatorial Race • I believe another thing we’re doing right is simply setting goals. As my private sector experience has taught me, setting direct, achievable goals gives us a common direction and purpose. We’ve set a couple of goals as a state toward which we’ve made progress but must continue pursuing, namely: • Continuing to be the fastest growing state in student achievement so we move into the top 25 in every subject; • Investing in teacher salaries – one of several things we need to do to make Tennessee the best place to be a teacher. • Finishing the Drive to 55 so students and adults are prepared for tomorrow’s jobs. • While it can certainly go too far, having a consistent, stable assessment is crucial for tracking student progress. I support the work that has been done to refine and improve on the assessment process and, as Governor, I will work to continue to improve that process. Teacher feedback will be a critical part of that improvement as we want to continue keeping track of student progress, while making sure that any testing we do is about quality and relevancy, not simply adding bureaucracy. Assessments are an important tool for everyone to use — students, parents, and the teacher — and I will work to ensure it’s used in the proper way to truly help our students grow. In your opinion, what are the top 3 challenges still facing education in Tennessee? • Completing the Drive to 55. For us to reach the goal of having 55 percent of Tennessee’s population having some credential past high school by the year 2025; we have to find ways to make Tennessee the best place to be teacher. That means teachers need support, more and better communication and input as we continue improving education in Tennessee. • Moving beyond the traditional idea of K-12 and instead focus on “K to J” education — Kindergarten to Job. As Governor, I want to make it a priority to see that every student graduating has the skills and ability to get a high-quality job. • Supporting the talent pipeline of educators in our state by investing in teachers and working to develop the best principles in the south. Without these two crucial leadership roles — teachers and principals — improving education is impossible. What are the steps that the state and local districts need to take to address the challenges you identified? What impact will that have on classroom XX\‘܈\HX\ٝ[[[HوH\X\H][Y[H][\]Y\[ۋH]\]\[\X]XZ[œ\HH]XX\[XY\]H[\قH۝\][ۈ\[[\ݙ[Y[ ]H[قH^KX\[\[[H\ܛH]H\[\Y YHYX]HXX\YH\H[H]Y][Y[\ \Yܝ[\ݙHYX][ۂ]\[[[]\YX]H\ܝ[][Y[܈\8&\XX\˂[H[[Y[x&YZH\H]\YX]ܜ•[[H܈][HˈXX\]X܂Y[8$ٝ[[\[Y XX\[XZ[YHوBܙX]\[[\\[\Y]K\ݙ\܋H[ܚ[H][YY[H\HH^HœY[X\ˈHܝ\Z[H\وHܛ[›[ݙ[Y[[[\YH][]]\XX[H[ݙ[Y[][H[X]\Hܚ]X[\XX\[^H[B]\HX\و[\YKHܝ\ܚ[]H[ܙH[ K XX\[YX]ܜو\]H[HXZH[\YHHX\\]H[H] ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈX]YH[^H[\ZYۋ[œYۈ\XZ]H[\ZYۈ][\]\X\H\]^HX]H][XY K