TREND Winter 2017/2018 - Page 23

2018 Gubernatorial Race keenly felt. However, shortages are not geographically uniform. Urban areas need more ELL teachers whereas rural areas do not – they are lacking World Languages teachers. One way to help solve the shortage is to employ market forces. Incentivize teachers to teach in subjects or regions where shortages exist. In addition, we need to review curriculum standards to see if certain standards may be driving the shortage in a given content area. Regarding career readiness, I would like to see a dual track diploma system offering more diverse courses. Let’s let students get a license to practice a trade so they can begin their career on the day they graduate from high school. We need to put more energy and resources into post-secondary options like TCATs and Community Colleges and make them available to 7-12 grade students. To help students zero in on career paths, we should begin aptitude testing in the middle school years. Let’s let students see the industries and careers available for an individual with their God-given talents and abilities. Any final thoughts you would like to share with educators across Tennessee? No one knows what a classroom needs like a teacher. It’s time the state and federal government stops telling teachers what to do and starts listening to what they need. If I am elected, teachers will always have a listening ear in the governor’s office. I want to know how they feel about teacher workload, out-of-pocket expenses and all facets of their job. The work te X\܈\Y\[][]Y\[\]H\š[[XXK[H[HY]HZ\\ܝ