TREND Winter 2017/2018 - Page 21

2018 Gubernatorial Race What are the steps that the state and local districts need to take to address the challenges you identified? What impact will that have on classroom teachers? We need to listen our local school districts: our administrators, teachers and parents. I think we have moved away from listening to the people in our communities when we make decisions in Nashville. We trust our kids to these men and women daily - we can trust them to make decisions in their best interests. Another way we can make sure that we are doing our part in state government is to fund programs outside the BEP. This past session I sponsored the Education Investment Act, which will distribute funds to school districts to spend on programs not covered by the BEP, such as school nurses, reading enrichment programs, etc. This allow those closest to the issues facing our schools to target their own unique needs. Any final thoughts you’d like to share with our educators? My wife and daughter were both educators, so it truly is close to my heart. Not every person has interacted in with a banker, a lawyer, or a politician, but every person has had a teacher make a difference in his or her life. Education is our shared experience in society, and we must ensure that the experience is the best that is can be.