TREND Winter 2017/2018 - Page 11

2018 Gubernatorial Race IN REFLECTING ON THE LAST SEVEN AND A HALF YEARS, TENNESSEE HAS SEEN UNPRECEDENTED economic strength, displayed conservative fiscal leadership and become a national model in education. We did this together by raising expectations and truly believing we could compete. from Governor Bill Haslam Our K-12 students are the fastest improving in achievement since 2011 according to the National Assessment for Educational Progress (NAEP), known as the Nation’s Report Card. This did not simply happen by accident; we raised the bar for what is possible for our students and committed to increased funding paired with higher standards and heightened accountability. We also created a momentum for change in education across the country. In the spring of 2007, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce released an education report card for all states. Tennessee received an “F” in the category of Truth in Advertising when comparing proficiency on Tennessee assessments to the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) and an “F” in the category of Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness. Building upon much of the work of the prior administration, we raised our state standards in K-12 and as a result we have a better way to measure how our students are doing through an aligned, more rigorous assessment. We also tied our assessment of students to teachers’ evaluations and the evaluations to tenure so teachers can receive the professional support they might need to improve. Coupled with our higher standards, TENNESSEE STUDENTS HAVE POSTED THE HIGHEST GRADUATION RATES IN STATE HISTORY, and with increased accountability and no tax increase, we have ADDED MORE THAN $1.3 BILLION TO K-12 EDUCATION with nearly $450 MILLION OF THAT APPROPRIATED FOR TEACHE STQT˂[Y][ۈZ\Y^X][ۜ]HLL][ H][YH]H MH[ L[ܙX\HB[X\و[\X[]HXۙ\HYܙYH܈ܙY[X[ MH\[H K\ܝ][ HܙX]YH[\YHZ\H[[\YHXۛXܘ[\XXYH[\YHH\]H[H][ۈٙ\YX\وXۙ\HYX][ۈ8$܈YܘYX]\[Y[š]HY]؝Z[YHYܙYH8$YHوZ][ۈ[X[]ܞHY\ˈ[H[\YHZ\HY[\ B[YH\Y[[Y[\ܛۈH L\[]]YK[Y[H \[ܛ][][]BY\ˈ]]H][\][\YHZ\HY[\H[ܙHZ[HXYY[YH[Z\Y\]YHوHܘ[KH]H MH\Y[H[YKX[\[[\YH[\\Y\˜H][\܈[Z[\YHX\ܘ[\XܛH[H][[X]X[H[ܙX\Hܝ[]Y\™܈Y[˂[ MKHܙX]YHݙ\ܸ&\XX\X[]Y\\][XܛH]HYY]][X\HXX\ˈ\\[[\XH[YHܘ[]\[ۜ\HXX\][H\]ۘHH]X\\\HZ\^\\H[ܙ\[H]H[\ݙHYX]܈[][X][ۈ[Xܘ][ۋ]Y[HYY][H\]HXX\[Z\\X۝[YHX\[H[H[Z\XY\YZ[\]ܜ[Y[˂\H]K[\YH\XYH[X\XHY\[YX][ۋHYX][ۈوYX]ܜ[XYٙXX[[[][]Y\[X[H[ܙH\^Z[ٙ[]Y[܈[\Yx&\Y[[܈\]K[ܙ\܈\]x&\YX][ۈX\\۝[YKH^ݙ\܈]\۝[YHXZHYX][ۂH[ܚ]H[Z[\ۈHX\ٝ[ܚو[܈YZ[\][ۜˈ\]x&\Xۛ^KܚٛܘH[]\H[\][ۜ\[\ۈ]