TREND Spring 2017 - Page 9

We have begun to see numerous new companies pop up in recent years offering professional liability insurance to educators along with a few generic discounts, and claiming to be an equal replacement for an association. In fact, as noted before, teachers are far more likely to face employment rights issues that require the assistance of a skilled education law attorney, which these bargain groups do not provide. Nor do they offer professional development tailored to the needs of Tennessee educators, or a presence at the Tennessee legislature advocating for your rights. P rotection & Coverage E Comprehesive $2 Million Liability Coverage Package That Includes AD&D and Identity Protection Employment Rights Protections with Personal Legal Advice and Representation from Staff Attorneys xclusive Benefits T Travel & Entertainment Savings - Tickets for Local Sports Teams, Theme Parks and Events; Travel Locally or Abroad Product & Service Discounts - Save on Technology, Financial Services, Supplemental Insurances and More raining & Resou &6W0&fW76V&rW"66VGVRfW'6V&r'FFBG&62W"7&VFG0B&w&W70FR&W7BVGV6F"&W6W&6W2FVƗfW&VBW"vRrR"066VFV"FR&W6W&6W2vV'6FP7W&6P0@FR7vW"6P&fW76VGV6F'2bDVGV6F'2FVW0FBFWfRFPFFB&FV7BW"6&VW"( FV6W.( 2WFV6( ЧFFV"VvW'0Ɩ7vRV6bFW6R26ƖvFǒFffW&VBV&W'6&fW76VGV6F'06R6'&W'2ffW"VF'6VVBv6bFVV76VR2&WB6&&FVƖ֖FW2FR( 'W6W72W'7VG2W6W6( BƗFvFf"FRFVƗfW'bVGV6F6W'f6W2V6Ɩ72FffW&VBBFR6fW&vRƖ֗FVCFV6r6VB&R6FfRWW&V6PB27&F6R&VǒVFW'7FBW"Ɩ7FBV6W&vW2FVF6FVBB6WFV@&Vf&RR&VƗRBFW2BffW"FRFV6W'2FRFV"vW'6&VVfBRFBFW2gFVRfBFV662vF&Vv&BFVV&W'6FRƖ72ǒƖ&ƗGf"( &FǒW'( B6VBB&R6"'v6FWv"( &W'GFvR( FRVF'6VVB&R6VBf&WfW"F&"Vv6W&VǒWFVG2FR6R6fW&vRFBB&W&W6VBFBFV6W.( 2&fW76W"VvW'2Ɩ7&fFW2FW"BW'6FW&W7G2VGV6F7FfFW2F2V2FBFW&P2&fW76Ɩ&ƗG7W&6R6FVR&VFrvR3