TREND Spring 2017 - Page 4

CONTENTS 16 Sen. Green, Sen. Tracy, and Rep. Reed: Championing Teachers’ Rights Read more about the Teachers’ Bill of Rights, from the sponsors’ original vision to the parts that made the final cut. 14 2017 Overview 15 Use of Assessment Data 18 Accountability Provisions Fund Increases for 19 BEP Instructional Supplies State Academic Standards Review Tom Cronan Physical Ed. Act 2017 Legislative Review 8 20 38 The Teacher Liability Scare Leaders in Education: Elissa Kim, SBOE Last Time for Everything 24 10 36 40 Immersion Retreat Helping Children Succeed Focusing on what really matters 2017 Board Election Hear from some of the speakers you’ll meet at Leader U this year and get details about attending the conference in Murfreesboro Ensuring Equity & Excellence in Education