TREND Spring 2017 - Page 23

ders in Education: Elissa Kim irrelevant their ongoing support and training is, which is a tragedy given how little time we have and how high-stakes the work is. Again, our best teachers want and need just-in-time, high-quality ongoing training and support- they want to be great for their kids and I believe we can better help them achieve that greatness. In my districts in Tennessee gain the reputation of being teacher-centric and wholly zeroed in on what will grow the skills and capabilities of our teachers most quickly. Third, while no teacher is in education for the money, continuing to increase salaries will also help attract the kind of leaders we need in the classroom and allow us to compete with other states. Finally, we need to be active recruiters and seek out the teachers we want for our kids. I spent almost 20 years recruiting leaders to jump into education, and I saw firsthand the power of personalized, active recruiting in changing the mindsets and focus of some of our country’s continue reading on page 34