TREND Spring 2017 - Page 19

Education Policy BEP Fund Increase for First Time Teachers Remove Pooling of Funds for Instructional Supplies SB0859 / HB0441 (S. Dickerson / E. Smith) SB0401 / HB0457 (D. Gresham / M. Littleton) This bill would increase, from $200 to $500, the amount of BEP funds to be paid to every first year K-12 teacher to purcahse instructional supplies. As amended, the entire $200 of BEP funds given to each K-12 teacher for instructional supplies is allocated to the teacher. Additionally, the entire amount would be given driectly to the teacher by October 31st to be spent at their discretion as needed throughout the school year. Currently, half of these funds are pooled with other teachers in the school and spent as determined by a committee of teachers. It removes the requirement that alf of the funds be pooled with all other teachers in the schools and spent as determined by a committee of teachers. currenlty in Finance, Ways & Means committees Passed in Senate; awaiting House floor vote View all Education bills that have passed so far this session Perpetuating the State Academic Standards Review Tom Cronan Physical Education Act SB0574 / HB0072 (D. Gresham / J. Eldridge) SB0558 / HB0372 (B. Ketron / R. Kane) If passed, this bill will continue the process of the standards review and development committees and advisory teams who reviewed the standards for English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies pursuant to ยงยง 49-1-311 - 49-1-313. At least once every 6 years from the last review, the groups will review and make recommendations for adoption of new standards to the state board, which will vote on their adoption. The Tom Cronan Physical Education Act seeks to retain PE requirements for students without creating an undue burden on schools or LEAs trying to manage schedules already packed with academic necessities. If passed, elementary school students will be required to participate in a PE class that meest at least twice a week. The total class time shall be no less than 60 minutes, and the class muct be taught by a licensed teacher with an endorsement in PE or a specialist in PE. Accomodations or alternative activities and medical exemptions will apply. The schedule is designed to align with the textbook review committee process. currenlty in Finance, Ways & Means committees currenlty in Finance, Ways & Means committees