TREND Spring 2017 - Page 18

Revision of Accountability Provisions Due to ESSA SB1198 / HB0308 (M. Norris / D. Hawk) P Revises multiple provisions regarding accountability due to the implementation ESSA. This includes changes to the establishment of performance goals and measures, how schools are assigned “priority” status, improvement plans, TCAP-Alt, and assignment to the ASD. • This bill retains the requirement that the state board, in consultation with the commissioner, establish appropriate performance goals and measures for schools and LEAs, and adds that the performance goals and measures include, at a minimum, student achievement, student growth, and other appropriate indicators of performance. • If an LEA receives the highest performance determination, it will be identified by the department on a public list of LEAs earning the highest accountability determination and be granted increased latitude in funding flexibility by the department. • Schools identified as priority schools will include the bottom 5%of schools in performance, all public high schools failing to graduate 1/3 or more of their students, and schools with chronically low-performing subgroups that have not improved after receiving additional targeted support. • Schools placed in the ASD after June 1, 2017, must only serve grades that the school served at the time the commissioner assigned the school to the ASD. The governing body of a charter school may apply to the LEA to expand the grades the school serves. • A school that has been removed from the LEA and placed in the ASD will remain in the ASD until the school is no longer identified as a priority school for two consecutive cycles beginning with the 2017 priority school list; however, no school will remain in the ASD for more than a 10-year period. After the school improves student performance such that the school is no longer identified as a priority school for two consecutive cycles, the commissioner, in consultation with the LEA, will develop and approve a transition plan for the purpose of planning the school’s return to the LEA. Signed by the Governor; awaiting Pulic Chapter designation Miss out on timely legislative updates this session? Join the Education Advocacy mailing list for future updates, including education committee calenders & agendas during session.