TREND Spring 2017 - Page 11

Other possible benefits of attending an Immersion Retreat workshop can be a renewed sense of personal peace, empowerment, confidence, self-awareness, and an improved outlook on life. It is a safe and stress-free environment where individuals are given the opportunity to take time for themselves, create, and tend to their wellbeing. Previous participants have reported feeling significantly less stressed when they leave the workshop. Teachers are invited to participate in one of Immersion Retreat’s free workshops this summer. View the calendar at to see the schedule and sign up for a day of slowing down after the end of a hectic schoolyear. Christina Bogdanova founded Immersion Retreat in July of 2016 because she wanted to combine her love for art, music, and nature with her passion for helping people. She is an artist, photographer, and singer with a background in the healthcare industry. After many years in healthcare she longed to make a bigger impact in society, thus the genesis of Immersion Retreat. Christina believes strongly in the healing and therapeutic value of art, music, and nature and is committed to using these modalities to make a difference in as many lives as possible. Immersion Retreat workshops are held at McGruder Family Resource Center in Nashville, from 8:30am - 1:30pm with lunch provided, and can also be brought to your location.