TREND Spring 2017 - Page 10

I mmersion R etreat Renewing personal peace and harmony through art, music and nature Immersion Retreat is a groundbreaking new nonprofit organization offering workshops that combine art, music, and nature as a means of helping individuals cope with stress. It is open to all and is a unique program in its use of art, music, and nature to nourish the whole person. In an increasingly digital (and and often times stressful) world, many people are feeling drawn back to hands-on experiences. The workshops currently last half a day and include activities such as arts & crafts, music, dance, meditation, urban hikes, gardening, and flower arranging. Creating art engages both sides of the brain and can help with processing unresolved feelings and emotions. Music has been shown to reduce anxiety, pain, and depression. Benefits of spending time in nature can include clearer thinking and an improved mood.