TREND Fall 2018 - Page 37

policy right. Public education is essential the teacher’s fault for not maintaining discipline in to expand freedom of opportunity and the class room even though many of the discipline techniques have been taken away for you don’t dare economic security. Policymakers and stakeholders, along with the public, are searching for a balance of idealism and pragmatism. It has long been acknowledged that a strong educational system is essential not only to the successful functioning of a democracy, but also to its future. Some schools and districts do this better than others. And let’s be clear, whatever measure or metric you use to determine quality of schools, Franklin Special School District and Williamson County Schools are among the finest in our state and nation. And my guess is they would also tell you it is community support that has helped elevate them. Unfortunately, not all schools in our state have that community support. But it is clear in communities across the state we must have serious discussions about public education as we move forward. In the end, we will only be as effective as those who teach our children and need our community support. continued from page 33 child does not meet the standard of the school either academically or behaviorally, the child can be shown the door. Not in public schools. I would dare say too, that parents are quite a bit more involved with their child’s education in private schools since they are paying good money for them to get their education there. In public schools, the percentage of parents who take an active role in their child’s education is low. During open houses, who generally shows? The parents of the good Y[ˈ\H\HH\Y[&H\[Z]\^H\H[Y܂[\HZ\[\X\ٝ[X[H[\YZ[[X[[[KH[H[YYYYH][\[[H]\H]H\HXX\ܝYH]\˜X]\[HYHHو[Y\^Z[]8&\[YH]][]H[\[[ۚ^HٙZ\XˈH[\HHY^HH\HXX\]\H[ܙH[X[^HHXXˈBYH[[XX\Y][X][Y\\]^B[܈H\وZ\ٙ\[ۘ[\Y\H]H[HX\[XX\YX][ۈ\X[š[Y\\Hۋ[H[H؂][H[H[HYX\[[H\Hۜ[B[YY܈Y[[H[]\ܛۙˈ]\Y˜HH[8&\][Y^HZ\ؙZ]Y ]]8&\™[X\\H[ ]\YHH܈Y[]YXZHHܘYK]KH]\]H܂XX\ˈH]H[H[\HH[\\YH[[ۙH[YHHXX\BXZ[ۙK][[\YHY[ۙBHHXX\\Z[XYH]]Z\]\ˈ^HH[H\H]H[\\YHY[ۙH[XYHHXX\H[YH]H]\HˈH[H\B[و^HXX[\Y\][YYX\]\KH[&]]\H]ۛH^H[[ۋ]H[XYH]]HX܈[HZ[]H[HYܝ[]H\[][[YHܘ[HHܚ]\]ۋH]HݙY^Hٙ\[ۂ[Y[H]HY[]] ]HYB^\[[\[Y[HHYH›^H؋H[]]HYHوH؈[ۙB[[X[H\\HۛH]HXYHHY\[H[\ܛ H[H[\]\H[HH[^H[\][۸&\\[XZBH[\X\\HYX]HH[\]\B[Z\[X[܈]X\HXHY\H\[H^H\HZ[Z[Y[[XXB[YH\[ ۙH[YH^H\]\ܙ]\H\[ܙYY[وHXX\\][H]\ݙHY˜[ݙHXX Y[H [H\H[›XZH][۸&]HXH[\H\\[B]HZXY ^H\\H]ۙH^HXX\Z[[H[YH\X\^HY[H\ ›ۙH][XX[܈H[ۙ^H[H]][]܈]^H[\H[YHٙۂX\[Hݙ\[X\H^H][[ܙH\[[؜ˈHۘHZYH[YH^\[[[][]XX [Hۙ\][YK]XX\^H\HZ[\XYH[]܈YHو\Y[ZHH[[™]H]]ˈ]H^H\\ܚ\][[[H^\][XX\BXX[XX[[YH\Y[]\X[H[ܙ\܈\H]X[\ZY\[ˈH]BZ][܈\\X[܈\ZHUKH\^\ HXX\\\Y\K\B[\\XZ[][[و]ˈH[]H܂^[[H[\H][Y\\ۈܜ[[ZY\˂]܈[و\HH\H[]BYX[؈[H][ Y][[[[[\\]\X]\X[HY\H[X\HXHH \H[[^\H[[YZ[[H\X[ۈH\H[