TREND Fall 2018 - Page 33

Who is going to build our roads? Keep our building clean? Cut our grass? Keep our cars going? Sell all the consumer items? “Why have we devalued those jobs and more? My father was a brick mason and one of the smartest men I know. He could do things that I only dream of. In my opinion, there is not any PHD that has anything on him. I remember just out of high school in 1973, I went to auto parts store to get a part for my car and one of my classmates was working there. We discussed what we were doing and when I said I was going to college; his quote was “so you are going to be one of those educated dummies”. I remember telling him, “no more than you” When asked what I meant, I explained the way I looked at it we were no different as he needed a high school diploma to get the job he wanted and I needed a college one. That did not make me any different from him as we were both equal and both were in pursuit of the same goal which was the job of our choice. Let’s get back to the point of this article. Are there schools that are failing students? You betch ya there are. Are there teachers that need to be let go? Darn right. But let’s not throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water. When a car has a problem, you do not have to buy a new one when it needs to be repaired and if it’s not broke it does not need to be fixed. Also, we do not live in a society where one size fits all. In the past, I have seen schools do a good job with looking at the differences of students and try to meet their individual needs, but yet today I feel we are trying to do a blanket affect and treat all students the same. I definitely see that happening to teachers as we are all put into the same category and are expected to teach the same way regardless of teaching style or personality. Let’s allow people to be who they are and give the teachers the benefit of the doubt as to how to approach it. Look at athletics. Successful coaches are basically set in their ways as they know how to be successful, but the elite successful coaches have longevity for they have learned to adapt to times and different teams they have from year to year. They still stay to basics but understand that you have to work within the framework of what they have, and direct the team and players in accordance to their skills and abilities. To close with, I want to refer to the TV show, “Star Trek the Next Generation”. In the show was an android called DATA. In the show DATA was third in command and extremely intelligent. He knew much of the facts of the universe and could do complicated math computations in an instant. Of course he could do this because of what he had been programmed with by his maker with the intelligence to recall, comprehend and to learn new information. To me, he is what I feel the lawmakers want to make our kids today. DATA is extremely successful because for a reasoning machine to be third in command of a starship was an incredible concept. But through the show, one of DATA’s personal high goals was to become more like humans. Even with our flaws, he wanted to be able to feel emotions and to love. There were times when this was quasi achieved, but most of the time he was only the intelligent thinking android called DATA. There is sadness to that and I ponder, is this we want to make our students today? You often see TV ads where a very young child will ask their parent a questio ЁɽՍЁȁͽѡ)ѕѼѡ͍ѡɽՍиQɕ)Յ䁝ٕ́ɽɥєݕȁѼ)ɕѕѡݕȁՑ)ѡɽȁ͍ٽٕ%ѡȁݽɑ̰)єݕȸ5Ё٥ݕ́٥܁ѡ́)єЁ$eиQ́́ݡЁȁݵ́݅)Ѽȁɕѽ丁]䁍eЁ)䁵ɔ]䁵ЁݔЁѡɕ́)ѡх́ѕѥ٥Ѽє)ЁՍɱ䁅ݔ݅Ёɵɽɕͥ)ɕȁݔ݅ЁѱQ=ȁɕɔ)Ёѱѕ́ѼɽɅͼѡ䁍)ɕɝхєѡɵѥͼѡ䁍)Սѕ$ѡ՝ЁѡЁѡɕՍѥ݅)ѡɹ䁹Ёѡѥѥ!܁䁽́)ɕєݡЁݔɹѡɽ՝͍!܁䁽)́ѡɕՅݔѽ͍)!܁䁽́ѡѠݔɹ)͍$ݽձɔͅѡݕȁѼՕѥ)́Ё䁅Ё́ݽձͅݔٔ)䁅Ս͙հݥѠȁ̸ٕ$ݽձٔѼ)х͠܁ѡЁݡ܁́х͠ѡ)ѕ́ɽѽ́ȁȁՑ́ѡЁѡ܁)Ѽѡͅхɑ̸$ݽձٔȁ)܁ȁѼɕեɕѼхѡѕٕ́)ѼȁՑ́ѡ䁑Ё́ѡ䁵)ѕхٔѡȁͥѥ̰)Ѽ͍չѥѡ䁍́ѡѕиQ͡ձ)ٕՑѥɔѡѕЁȁɵѕѼ)͔ѡ͔ѥЁ͍)Ёͥ%ѡ͔ѕ̰ݔɔͅ她ѡ́́ݡ)ԁѼ܁ѼՍ͙հՍѕ)ݕ́ѼȁՍѥ́ɔఁЁ)Ёͅɥ䁡ٔѼЁݥѠѡ̸)%ӊé䁙ȁ܁́Ѽ͠ȁՍѥѕ)]́ѼٽєЁ她Ѽɽٔ)͍́ɽٔѡՍѥȁɕ) Ё͍́ɔͼ܁ѡ܁)Ёͼ͵ЁѼݥѠ%͍́ɔͼ)܁ݔЁѡٕЁ)ѕ䁅ٔѡЁхɐ٥)ѡݽɱ5䁽ȁ܁ٕ́ٔ)ѕՉ͍$ݽձЁЁٔ)ѡȁɕѼɥمє͍́ݡ)ٔѼ܁ѡե́ѡЁɔЁѠ)ѼՉ̸͍Aɥمє͍́ɔݸȁѡ)Ս̰Ёѡ䁡ٔɥЁѼͽѡѡ)Չ͍́ЁѡЁ́Ѽ͕ѥٔ%)ѥՕ