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Letter From The Editor It’s hard to believe we’re already a month in (or more, in some districts) to another exciting school year! Our staff enjoyed travelling to New Teacher Orientations and Back- to-School in-services throughout the state. This year we visited more districts than ever - but our small staff can’t be everywhere, and we also depend on our amazing Local Leaders to set up booths and speak at events. As members, you are the best advocates for your organization. Here at the office, we are your support staff. We encourage you to reach out to us any time, and to become involved at the comfort level of your choosing. In a past issue, we featured profiles on each of the eight frontrunner candidates in the race for Governor. With the primaries behind us, the final vote is around the corner this November, so we are featuring the profiles of the two remaining candidates in this issue. As a reminder, we never endorse or contribute your dues money to political candidates. We do encourage you to be informed in order to vote for the cadidate who will best represent your interests. We are continually surprised to hear that many members, old and new, are unaware of all the fantastic benefits that come with membership beyond professional liability insurance and legal protection. Perhaps the most valuable to your profession are the Leader U Professional Learning tools. The Online Learning Portal is available 24/7 and is constantly being updated with new content for earning credit, including TASL accredited classes for administrators. Most recently, the newest classes from the 2018 conference were added. Don’t forget to Save the Date for the next Leader U conference on June 18, 2019! Many members are also unaware of the plethora of savings and benefits that come with their membership. We partner with many local sports teams and statwide companies to bring special savings to our members, and our partnership with AMBA includes access to the Passport benefits portal with savings from hundreds of retailers. Member Benefits Representative Bo Carr and his team travel to schools throughout the year to meet with members and discuss all of the service s offered by AMBA. This issue is packed with info so I’ll let you get on with getting to the good stuff, like Executive Director JC Bowman’s “9 Critical Issues for 2019” from a speech he gave last month. Thank you for all that you do. Audrey Shores, ProEd COO TREND The Official Publication of Professional Educators of Tennessee JC Bowman, Executive Editor Audrey Shores, Editor P ro E d BOARD S tate O fficers C athy K olb , P resident T im C hilders , V ice P resident K im B levins , S ecretary K arolyn M arino , T reasurer B oard M embers N atalie B each D ewey E squinance A ngela M arkum K aren S troud P enny S utton P ro E d STAFF JC B owman , E xecutive D irector A udrey S hores , COO M ike S heppard , A ssociate D irector B ethany B owman D ir . of P rofessional L earning K aren S troud M ember S ervices C oordinator B o C arr , M ember B enefits R epresentative A shley B asak , M ember E ngagement C oordinator Trend (ISSN #10) is electronically published quarterly in fall, winter, spring and summer with a focus on the Issues, Ideas and People shaping education in Tennessee. We advance the profession by of- fering a modern approach to teacher representation and educational advocacy, as well as promoting professionalism, collaboration and excellence without a partisan agenda. There is no attempt to influ- ence any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to candi- dates for public office. The opinions expressed in this publication rep- resent the beliefs, views or attitudes of the contributor whose name appears in the article and do not necessarily represent the views or policies of Professional Educators of Tennessee or our members. Subscription rates are included in membership dues for members of the association; non-members may secure an online version of the current online magazine for $25 a year. Trend may contain paid advertising contracted for/by the Association. Advertising rates may be obtained by sending a written request, either to the address listed below or by email. Professional Educators of Tennessee reserves the right to refuse advertising contrary to its purpose. All rights reserved. Permission to reprint, in whole or in part, without permission is pro- hibited. Permission will customarily be granted if the author and the association are properly cited.