TREND Fall 2018 - Page 22

special section: Karl Dean Thank you for taking the time to share with our educators today. On behalf of our members, I would like to say we are grateful you are offering yourself for Governor. Please share with educators a little about who you are, and why you are running for Governor. I am running for governor because I believe Tennessee’s best days are still ahead of us, but to get there we need to focus on the basic building blocks including public education, economic development and access to affordable healthcare to ensure a successful future for all Tennessee families. I was Mayor of Nashville from 2007-2015, prior to which I served as Nashville’s Law Director and Public Defender. I moved to Nashville in 1978 to attend Vanderbilt Law School, where I met my wife Anne. We have three grown children, and just this past Valentine’s Day welcomed our first grandchild. We made quite a few changes in public education in Tennessee the last decade - some necessary, some debatable. What are we doing right? We are clearly doing something right, as shown by our NAEP scores establishing Tennessee as the fastest improving state in the country. I believe much of that success comes from our dedication to higher standards for students and to an increased focus on teacher and principal development. The recent budget increases in education are also a definite step in the right direction and one that I have pledged to conti VRvW"FV6W"vVW2VWW"&W7B@'&vFW7BFV6W'2FR677&G&6f&֖rFRƗfW0bW"WFRWRb&V6VBFV66FBv6FVRF&V&VVfG2f"FVW76VR7GVFVG22FR7FF^( 06֗FVBFrf"v666V'2F&WFPFR5B7F&6ǒFVW76VR7GVFVG2&fRFV 66FR5B66&R'2G2vVFW&Rff&FV@6V6B66RFFRFRFW7BvW"5B66&W2V&PW"7GVFVG2F66W72VƗG7B6V6F'F0F&Vv66'627V62FRR66'6@6&fFRFVvFFR'GVGFVFW"6VvPvFWBFr&VVF6W'6W2vrFVV6&WGFW"66Rb7B6V6F'7V66W72vVV'FVFǐ7W'BVff'G2ƖRF2v66֗B7FFRgVG2vFBF&V7Fǒ&VVfG27GVFVBWF6W2खW"vB&RFRF26VvW27Ff6rVGV6FFVW76VSFRFF&VR6VvW2f6rVGV6FFVW76VPFF&R7Vff6VBgVFr"W'67FV@'GVGvf"W"7BB&67GVFVG2B2FV6W"B&6&V7'VFVBB&WFVF6VvW2vB&RFR7FW2FBFR7FFRB6F7G&7G0VVBFFRFFG&W72FR6VvW2RFVFfVCvB7BvFBfR677&FV6W'32"b6fRFRVGV6FגF&&G7&V6rFRgVFrf"6fR662'3rR@fW7FVB&FVǒCc#֖Ɩ66'VFw0BFW"6F&fVVG27&72FR66F7G&7BF22FR6'Bb6֗FVBvRVVBBFR7FFRWfVBvfW&"6( 2&V6VB'VFvWB7&V6W2&P7G&r'VFr&6f"FBfW7FVBFR7FF