TREND Fall 2018 - Page 17

N: LOOKING AHEAD r JC Bowman spoke to the ill need to address in 2019. Decades of societal issues are not addressed, and unfortunately these issues get laid at the feet of public schools. Undoubtedly, there are real problems in public education, which must be confronted head-on. The culture in Tennessee schools has changed at the grassroots level, but policy has lagged at the state level at times. Rigid state and district regulations can turn out to be daunting barriers to addressing many issues in public education. In 2018 candidates for state offices must provide solutions to the laundry list of challenges for the benefit of all children. An engaging and challenging education is the proven path to prosperity and a life-long love of learning. es for Read on for nine of the most critical and challenging issues in public education I believe we should be addressing in 2019. 2019