TREND Fall 2018 - Page 16

PUBLIC EDUCATION The following is an abbreviated version of a speech given August 2, 2018 by Executive Directo Franklin Rotary Club on the importance of public education and 9 critical issues policymakers w Did you know? No generation of educators has been asked to do what we now demand of our public schools - to teach all children to high levels while addressing the stunning array of social, psychological, and physical problems that plague so many of them. Understand this is not a complaint. This is a request for help from problem solvers like you. And IF you have never been asked to help before in our schools, let me be the first to ask you here today please get involved in public education. Let me start with what I believe based on over 30 years of working in public education. Public education is not “broken.” Public education policy is “broken,” and neighborhood public schools are suffering the consequences. 9 Critical Issu