TREND Fall 2018 - Page 13

Membership promotion of litigation, especially in print, is not designed to improve collaboration but to publicize the position on person or organization which is totally contrary to their responsibilities as members of a PECCA panel which represents all “professional employees”. Touting lawsuits hurts all educators, and creates costs to taxpayers, which undermines confidence in public education. The fact is that the lawsuit was questionable from the very beginning. It was even debatable as to whether the union had standing to bring such an obstructive lawsuit since they are only representing one interest group while participating in the panel process of collaborative conferencing. This should have been resolved within that process, with clear understanding of the roles of the parties. The lawsuit likely cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and took nearly 3 years. Working together this could have been completely avoided. Again, are we striving toward achievement of the original objective of the PECCA law? It is clear, a course adjustment may be in order. Eliminating needless lawsuits, staying focused on the purpose, including more teachers in the process, and having impartial training moving forward will better establish a peaceful, stable employer-employee relationship. Who could oppose those common-sense changes? Professional Educators of Tennessee will continue to advocate the protection of the rights of ALL educators to be members of the organization of their choice with equal access. We offer a modern approach to representation, legal protection and unmatched educational advocacy, as well as promoting professionalism, collaboration and excellence without a partisan agenda. We are also funded strictly by the dues of our members. Our advocacy efforts carry significant weight with legislators and other policymakers. We choose to collaborate, not separate, which is a natural choice for a group that is member-owned and member-driven. EACH ONE REACH ONE CHALLENGE Every member is challenged to recruit one new member this year! Make sure they use your referral link or enter your name during the registration process, and you’ll receive a pair of movie tickets to the theater chain of your choice (AMC, Regal, or Malco). How to Send Referral Link: Log in to your Member Portal and click the Connections tab. Enter an email address in the Refer a Professional box.