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Legal and Liability Coverage Protecting your career is just as important as protecting any other life investment. That’s why we provide the best educator’s professional liability & employment rights coverage in Tennessee, with legal services from experienced education attorneys. We are different from other organizations in our committment to working collaboratively with all parties to resolve conflicts. Not every problem requires a legalistic approach. We help you determine the best outcome for your career and try to reach a resolution that lets you continue with as little disruption as possible. When you have a concern about a potential issue affecting your employment, your inquiry goes to an attorney versed in TN education and employment law, not an unqualified middleman. We understand that you need professional legal advice and direction, even for issues that do not rise to the level of legal action, and our legal team will guide you through the appropriate course of action. Bound by confidentiality and professional ethics, they are here for you to help make the best decisions and work on your behalf toward a positive outcome Non-partisan and not affiliated with any political party, Professional Educators of Tennessee works collaboratively with state agencies, elected officials and policymakers to develop and implement comprehensive strategies that address complex legislative, legal, and regulatory problems impacting education statewide. Our members receive representation before state agencies, legislative committees, and the Tennessee General Assembly. By keeping a positive focus on education, Professional Educators of Tennessee members can strengthen their collective voice and make a positive difference in the lives of Tennessee’s children. Professional Educators of Tennessee is not part of a hierarchy directed by a national organization. We are focused solely on issues affecting Tennessee education. Your dues dollars are never spent on the candidates or campaign contributions, and the organization does not endorse candidates; money is never donated to PACs or social causes. Our legislative representatives work closely with state officials regardless of party affiliation to address the concerns of Tennessee educators. Education- Centered Advocacy