Tree House Lower Primary School - Siem Reap, Cambodia - Page 9

Lower Primary What makes our School the right one for you and your child? • Excellent Personal Development: Our Educational Program has been developed in a holistic way - which means it covers not only academic development but also personal, social and physical development, accompanied by an excellent understanding of the world we live in. • Small class sizes: To ensure personal attention, the ratio of staff to pupils is high and our class sizes are small (no more than 20 per class). • Committed and Motivated Team: All members of our team are employed based on their drive to be the best that they can - at a personal level and also their overall contribution to the School. Regular performance reviews and training ensures that every team member is supported to grow and realise their full potential. • • • Excellent communications: We provide daily updates to Parents in a variety of ways (a Parent-Teacher communication book / daily report) and hold regular Parent- Teacher meetings to discuss your child’s progress. We also provide a Monthly Newsletter which contains all the latest news and developments from the Tree House. Facilities: 2 modern purpose built indoor classrooms, an outdoor classroom/terrace, a playground including climbing equipment; grassed areas for ball games, quiet areas with seating and our own garden where the children grow vegetables and flowers, a well equipped library/IT room and an outside cooking/activity area. • Partnership with Parents: Parents are always encouraged to be a part of school life. Parents are invited to attend school events and to offer their support to accompany children on school trips. • Community: We pride ourselves on our students involvement with the local community, local organisations and NGOs - our regular school trips enrich the children’s learning about life outside of school. Our external events involve key members of the community visiting the school to share their knowledge and experience with our Tree House staff and customers.