Tree House Lower Primary School - Siem Reap, Cambodia - Page 7

Our Core Values Confidence and Independence - All our children and staff are encouraged to solve problems and implement solutions by themselves. The purpose of this is so they can be independent thinkers and can easily adapt to the needs of the rapidly changing world we live in today – ‘Learning Today for a Better Tomorrow’. Creativity and Imagination - We nurture every child’s enthusiasm for life and the world around them to instil the confidence for every child to take their ideas to the next level. Fairness and Equality - Our school is an inclusive school where all students are given equal opportunities to succeed and are valued irrespective of gender, age, race, religion and beliefs. Respect and Care - Every person at the Tree House has the right to be themselves and we respect each and everyone in a kind and appreciative manner. We respect our environment and our school and we all are responsible for its survival and success.