Tree House Lower Primary School - Siem Reap, Cambodia - Page 25

Safeguarding our children Tree House is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our children, staff and visitors. • All of our staff are trained in Child Protection, Health and Safety and receive annual First Aid training. Each class has a designated Senior First Aider. • Our Behaviour Management & Anti Bullying policies ensure that all individuals are treated fairly and any negative behaviour is addressed promptly with support from family and relevant senior staff. • Our Visitor Policy ensures that any visitor to the school is accompanied by a member of staff at all times and wears a Visitor Badge. • Our Health & Safety policy ensures all staff/children regularly practice fire drills so they know what to do in the unlikely event we need to evacuate the building(s). Arrival / Pick Up Times Students can arrive to school from 8am and will be supervised by staff until the classroom doors open at 8:30am. Children should arrive to school no later than 8:30am each day to ensure that the teaching program can begin on time. Students should be collected in the Primary School courtyard at 3:00pm. Children should be picked up from school no later than 3:15pm each day unless they will participate in the After School Club. Identification All parents / guardians / family members that are designated authorised pick up persons receive an ID card that is required to enter the school. Children must be signed in and out of the school. This list is used to check that all children are accounted for in the event that the school is evacuated, or when we practice our regular fire drills. All children receive a Student ID photo card which should be brought to school daily and can be fixed easily onto the student’s bag.