Tree House Lower Primary School - Siem Reap, Cambodia - Page 11

• • Innovative Teaching Methods: All of our children are unique and learn in different ways so following a “one size fits all” approach to teaching is ineffective for all children to reach their true potential. For Reception we combine Play based and Montessori style methods. In Key Stage 1 we combine brain based learning (learning according to the physiology of the brain), project based learning (ongoing learning through process) and enquiry based learning (problem solving and applying scientific methodology). • Ongoing Assessments: Teachers continuously assess and monitor their students development so they can adapt their teaching methods to ensure each and every child achieves their learning outcomes. At the end of every Term the Teacher provides a summative review of your child’s development progress which helps parents and teachers understand how their child’s development is progressing. Overall progress is assessed against the Learning Goals specific to each age group. • Buddy Class: All classes regularly join in a Buddy class. Buddy classes involve the older children working with the younger children on a peer-mentoring program. The buddy class program gives the older children the opportunity to develop a range of qualities including leadership, responsibility, social skills and teaching techniques. The program helps develop a sense of community at the school and creates role models for our younger children.