Tree House Lower Primary School - Siem Reap, Cambodia - Page 10

Lower Primary • What makes our Educational Program the right one for you and your child? Nurturing Environment: Our staff recognise and value the unique and individual qualities of every student. Our emphasis is on creating a supportive teaching and learning environment which celebrates the strengths, personal goals and aspirations of each child. We strongly believe that nurturing children's self-esteem and sense of identity encourages them to grow into confident, lifelong learners. International Curriculum: Our International Curriculum is derived from the UK and provides the structure and co [[\H[\[[XY]H^[[KBݚYHHX[\YY\X[[H][\\ܙX]]]H[[\\[[[\H[[YXY]HZ\\ ]X[YYY[^\Y[YXX\Έ\\[X\HXX\\B]X[YYYXX\][HX[وۛYHHZ\YH[Y\œݚYHH\YX][ۘ[^\Y[H܈\Y[ˈ^H[]ZXHY\BX\\HXX[Y]H[Z[܈]XYX[H[\[ X\[™\][ۈ[XH[][HXY][Y[وZ\X\[[ˈ^H[\ܝH\[[وH[[܈X[HYXX[[ۈZ[[[ZY[K