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Tech Talk - Web Video

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By Christian Rach

Unless you won the lottery, or grandma put you first on the inheritance list, you still have to work to make money. So if you are like me, and have to get up to go to work in the morning, these are the only two ways to pick up the fruits of your labor:




Punctuality is the politeness of kings! If you show up on time you will gain your customers respect, and doing a good job makes for a happy repeat customer.

For that first part it’s only up to you.

The second part is "EXPOSURE"! If you decide to do a Saturday morning garage sale, but forget to put up the signs to direct potential buyers to your driveway, chances are you will be stuck with your goods! Now, if you get 3 or 4 signs and place them strategically on the street, a flow of customers will likely stop and purchase your goods.

What just happened here? Well this is the "ABC"s of business! Spend some to gain some.

These days, anyone can have a website, but let’s face it, long texts and web site addresses,will not be read by visitors.

If you show them who you are and what you do, using a 30/45 second video (not longer, people get bored), you will attract attention. People feel like they know you already, and can see the quality of your work but again, the closing part is up to you.

Why should you opt for a video?

Because video is the future. The power of the web can reach anyone either world wide, or at the local level, new doors will open for you, and your next-door neighbor who isn't aware of your existence, will quickly learn about your company and its services or products.

You believe in your product, good, so make your customer believe in your product, too.

The web has become your shop window and video has become your business card, portfolio, blog, references, and most of all, your EXPOSURE.

With this economy, some businesses struggle to make ends meet, but wouldn't it be more fun if you could create an avalanche of sales, by using video to get your message to the public?

Remember those "ABC"s of business? You sold almost everything at your garage sale because you put up the signs to guide customer, so use that same strategy for your business

Oh! I see, you are reading that last phrase and that means that I captured your attention!

For further information and to see how affordable web video really is, contact

Christian Rach