TRAVERSE Issue 14 - October 2019 - Page 9

B osnia R ally "My Motivation To Do This" Gabriella Linford I ’m exhausted, I’m physically beat, I can hardly move. My neck, my hands are swollen, and my knees are feeling very weird. Two days ago, I com- pleted the biggest test of endurance and skill so far in my life … and I cannot wipe the smile off my face. The Bosnia Rally is an event which mimics exact Rally conditions and is aimed at introducing and training rid- ers to use the navigation system called ‘roadbook’, used in Rally races around the world, such as the Dakar. Over four days 113 motorcycle riders, including my- self, navigated our way through 1200 kilometres of wil- derness; over mountains, along riverbeds, into vast open valleys and tight, winding forest tracks. The terrain was hugely varied, the trails often barely visible. We rode through thunderstorms and sweltering heat, we tasted many different flavours of dust and were stung by stones and splattered with mud and cow poo. What’s it like to enter a cross country Rally for the first time, as a solo woman, with no motorbike ... in Bosnia? I just wanna ride!! So, what was my motivation to do this? TRAVERSE 9