TRAVERSE Issue 14 - October 2019 - Page 6

CONTRIBUTORS A world of travellers, a world of TRAVERSE ; we wouldn't exist without the many inspiring people who get on their bikes and ride. They'll all tell you they did nothing special, just something that they loved - they got on their bikes ... In this issue of TRAVERSE - Gabriella, is a reknowned pho- tographer / videographer, who's work has taken her around the world but she loves nothing more than getting on a bike and having a go ... sometimes or- ganising rides without a bike ... A native Californian, Julie Hasse loves to ride, loves to write, combining the two are a perfect way to explore and share ... check out The Back Forty ... Benji hasn't been riding long, yet he's been a long way, mostly in outback Australia. The plac- es most won't go call to him and he meets them. His tales are of adventure and survival. Shane loves exploring Asia and taking others with him, he's not afraid of going where others won't to see the real South East Asia. Let him take you some- where special ... TRAVERSE 6