Traverse 06 - Page 97

coat of snow and seemingly hovering above yellow canola fields, we won- dered how the hell we were going to ride up there. Lucky for the skiers, but unlucky for us, it was the best spring snow in Kosciuszko’s recent histo- ry. This prompted the team to make several frantic phone calls: one to the National Park office, who told us there was eight meters of snow on the mountain. We then called people ask- ing them to lend us the mountain gear we lacked, such as ski poles and snow shoes. Above Khancoban, on the huge hill past the Snowy Mountain Hydro Dan started feeling unwell again and was vomiting uncontrollably, so medic Vonna made the wise decision to have Ed evacuate him to Corryong hospital. The rest of us went on with an emer- gency shelter and food. Once we had summited the pass came the best de- scent of our lives, a narrow winding road carving and dropping through many tunnel-like cuttings. The team reached Geehi Flats. We had cited Tom Groggin as the days fi- TRAVERSE 97 nal destination, knowing that the next day, up the steepest hill in Australia, to Dead Horse Gap, would perhaps, be the toughest of the trip. However, with the delay caused by of the evacuation of Dan we would now have to climb another pass to arrive at Tom Groggin, and then two more passes to get to Dead Horse and down to Thredbo. As it was, Wally and I were fatigued and we voted to camp at Geehi. We prepared everything the night before, lunch, water, checking bikes and trikes, and departed at 7am the