Traverse 06 - Page 91

ly afternoon. As we suspected the first leg was proving that it might actually be the crux of the whole ride. On the third day every member of the team started and we made good progress averaging 10km/hr on the dirt road. As a headwind got up this momentum was a struggle to main- tain. Matthew Newton of Rummin was shooting some spectacular foot- age, which included the trikes passing a wedge-tailed eagle feasting on road- kill. Dan had been suffering with ill health for a few days and the difficult decision to evacuate him was made at Lyndhurst. Ed drove him to Quorn Hospital with a suspected kidney in- fection where he would spend the best part of a week. He became para- plegic a number of years ago when a shipping container fell on him and literally folded his body in two, back- wards (he described looking behind him and scraping his nose on the heel of his boot). TRAVERSE 91