Traverse 06 - Page 90

is 200mm lower than the surround- ing lake bed, and this is where the team originally planned to begin the expedition. However, the lake is a sa- cred place to the Arabana people who asked us not to venture out onto the surface. We did not want to cause of- fence or begin this ‘white-fella walk- about’ on a bad note so readily agreed. We would begin at Peake Jones Point at the southern end of Lake Eyre North. I was supposed to be riding the tan- dem w ith Duncan but, being in great pain, was relieved by Conrad for the first two and a half days. Dan was rid- ing his funky hand-trike and Walter rode a fat bike. The ‘washboard hell’ road made it tough going from the out- set, so the L2H team made only 20km that first day. The second day Daniel opted out as his sternum was bruised: the hand-trike requires steering with the chest and the heavily corrugated road was paining him greatly. Walter led the team on his ‘Fatty’ and pulled into Moolarina Homestead in the ear- TRAVERSE 90