Traverse 06 - Page 84

Motorcycle touring isn’t all about what happens on the road. Sometimes the romance of travel extends and allowing time to be hopelessly side- tracked is all part of it and is one of the reasons I prefer to have no plan. Leaving Lyon with regret but with my French colloquial vocabulary much improved, I crossed westwards to Brittany. Spring was calling me home but France had yet more surprises for me. On the way to the Roscoff ferry I stopped at Morlaix to watch yachts set off for the annual ‘round Guernsey and back’ race. No sooner had I switched off the engine, when I was invited to stay by a friendly bike enthusiast who admired the Enfield. She made Breton crepes and showed me the beautiful coast where we swam. My last hours in France were great fun. In typical French style, the French ferry staff went on strike that morning. During the three-hour de- lay, I met some other two-wheelers at the head of the queue. We shared our take-home cheese and wine supplies and when the strike was over, were quite merry and had a hilarious voy- age home to Plymouth by which time we’d had food and coffee and sobered up. With a total of 2,736 miles (4,403km), I’d had an eventful three-month trip. I returned with a black eye but no bro- ken bones this time. I was home but I knew it wouldn’t be for long. I’d read his book and was mindful of a quote from Robert Louis Stevenson, he wrote “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travels sake. The great affair is to move.” JF Jacqui's a mover and it looks like she'll be on the move again very soon, no doubt seeking adventure for her next book. Her current publication; Hit The Road, Jac! is one of the best travel biographies you'll read, see our review on page 114 and checkout Jacqui's ad- ventures at -