Traverse 06 - Page 8

BOSCH; TEACHING US HOW TO SEE & FEEL B osch has a clear vision: no more fatalities for motorcyclists in road traffic. That is why the company has developed a new safety package for motorcycles, comprising adap- tive cruise control, forward collision warn- ing, and blind-spot detection. This package is built on technologies that also enable automated driving in cars. The motorcycle manufacturers KTM and Ducati will include the new rider assistance systems in produc- tion models as soon as 2020. For Bosch, this is the next step along the path toward accident-free riding – one that doesn’t reduce enjoyment and doesn’t take away motorcy- clists’ responsibility. The German company is also toying with technologies that prevent a motorcycle from 'falling' over, more to the point sliding. The technology, similar to that utilised in spacecraft, will see pressurised air vented from the side of the bike, toward the side where the bike is sliding. Early testing of the technology demonstrates the effec- tiveness of the system as it pushes the bike downwards toward the road, increasing grip. It's a system that does merit further investigation. BUELL IS BACK Once 'responsible' for the 'sportsbike' arm of Harley Da- vidson, Erik Buell is back and this time with an electric bike. Buell once built Harley powered sportsbikes (2003-2009) before moving on to his own Erik Buell Racing (2009-2017) now it's a completely different path the renowned inno- vator has taken by teaming with Vanguard Motorcycles to build a number of electric bikes. Most aren't anything more than commuter bikes however, it is an interesting, developing story. THE CRF WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR? Increased power, reduced weight and premium han- dling, combined produce "absolute freedom". That's the claim made by Honda Motorcycles of the 2019 model CR- F450L. They say it's a bike we've all been waiting for. A high performance, street legal enduro bike, the CRF for 2019 is promised to be not only a perfect trail bike but also a bike that is perfect for the long distance traveller; it can go 32,000km between major services. Features like a titanium fuel tank and ion battery the CRF450L is lightweight, very lightweight at just 131 kilo- grams. The new bike is set for release in the southern Spring (northern Autumn) of 2018. BMW GS SAFARI As we go to press the BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy has been run for 2018. The competition was very close with all teams excelling in the trying condition in Mongolia. Traverse will have a full report in issue 07 (Au- gust 14). FINKE DESERT RACE By the time this issue is on your screens, in your hands, the 2018 Finke Desert Race held in central Australia as been run and won by fan favourite, and Dakar winner, Toby Price. We'll have a review of the event in the next issue of Traverse. TRACKS4LIFE If you're in south-east Australia over the weekend of June16-17 head to the Tracks4Life Eskdale Winter Camp. Share a beer, talk adventure, talk men's health. For more details see TRAVERSE 8