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passes with Dan. He then suggested I visit a biker friend of his, Billy, at the Nurburgring, so I headed further north back into Germany. I fell in love with the place and ended up staying with Billy and his family for almost a month. If you haven’t noticed already I seem to fall in love with every place I go and get stuck! Having no plans and complete flex- ibility is the best way to travel. People often ask if it’s scary, lonely or dangerous to travel alone, and es- pecially when it comes to wild camp- ing and riding through places like the Balkans. Since I left London I have not had a single bad encounter and have been constantly blown away by the kind- ness and generosity of strangers. And one of the reasons I love riding so much is because of the incredible bik- er community that exists; it’s a family like no other. My plan was to wild camp all through Europe, but I've actually only had to wild camp a handful of times over the past seven months as strangers have always welcomed me in and let me stay with them, and I now have close friends all over Eu- rope and Turkey. So, for that reason I’d say travelling alone is the complete opposite of scary and dangerous, it’s fantastic! If you’re planning a bike trip but can’t find any mates to join you, do it solo, you won’t regret it! I must admit, during my nights of wild camping in Bosnia and Albania I was a little apprehensive, especial- ly with the wild wolves lurking, but this was short-lived after the police showed up in the morning one day (as it turned out my tent wasn’t as well hidden as I’d hoped) to make sure I was okay. And then was invited to the nearby town for a hot coffee, which I defi- nitely wasn't going to turn down af- ter sleeping in my tent in -11 degree temperatures and unable to feel my hands. It’s in these moments that you real- TRAVERSE 68 ise that not everyone is out to get you, and people in general are kind and generous. Think I’d better get a move on now and head for the Georgian border be- fore my Turkish visa expires! I could talk for hours about all the amazing encounters I’ve had, but I must away ... oh, and if you follow my adventures and want to get in touch, please do. I'd love to meet you. BK Ben started on a mission, to become the youngest person to circumnav- igate the world by motorcycle. He quickly discovered records weren't important, he had things to see, things to do. While reading of Ben's adven- tures, spare a moment and reflect on his dedicating the ride to his friend In- dia Lockhart-Lewis who sadly passed away at just 22 years old. Ben still has a mission, he's raising funds and awareness for Crohn's and Colitis UK thekingontheroad